Loopagoon Water Park is the World's First Ladies-Only water park located in Half Moon Beach, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Nestled in Dana Bay, a 2.8 million sq. mtrs touristic property overlooking the beautiful shores of Half Moon Bay, popular with tourists, Loopagoon will bring the water to life for everyone. Loopagoon features 11 amazing state of the art rides which include a giant Tornado, Lazy River, Pipeline, Kids play area among others from the world’s leading manufacturers. All the fun and excitement in the park will make anyone hungry. Visitors appetites will be further stimulated when they see the delicious food offerings in Loopagoon’s signature restaurant. Diners will be able order a quick refreshment and get back to the fun, or take their time and relax while enjoying scenic views of the park from its first floor terrace.

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Loopagoon – Ladies Waterpark

خليج الدانة - Dana Bay